Quel que puisse être le nombre des commentaires, ils ne sauraient expliquer nos peintures. Leur explication doit naître d'une expérience profonde qui s'instaure entre le tableau et le spectateur. La juste manière de regarder l'art est un authentique mariage des sens. Mark Rothko.



 My approach to painting is simple. Give the viewer a maximum of emotions. Being alone in front of a canvas, and try to decipher a sensation, to revive a memory, or to evoke an image, a scene. Ask me what I see, I will not answer you. It is very important to detach himself from all outside opinions that parasitera your sensibilities. My plan stops to offer a work, I would like to be more aesthetic, and so give it to everyone who will accept to go back. 

 There is no way that would direct vision, or guidance, everyone must take the table as he sees fit. 

 Myself, I paint the canvas by turning around and not giving any path under. The play of color born in the moment, without any thought or calculation. Only the decision to stop the picture freezes now and my emotions. 

 I leave it to each person to take ownership of the colors, look closely, move away, and maybe an image, an interpretation or suggestion comes to mind. The viewer should be alone with the table, the relationship is intimate with each other. 

 Pending the reactions of the audience, my goal is to have people with no or little knowledge or interest in art, to stop and receive an emotion. For others, my concept may sound easy, but see no serious cheating on my part, only the sincerity, intellectual honesty. My paintings are very personal works, and the show is the most I can do. 

 After the simple fact of loving or not, to criticize, is an eminently rewarding for any artist. 

 Indeed, criticism good and bad artist leaves no one indifferent. It is interesting to me to observe the uninitiated racking her brain trying to decipher this or that form, or color combination. This is, to stimulate the senses and emotions of the viewer and leave the table entirely appropriate for the times when he will be alone with him.